Work With Us To Fight Plastic Pollution! |.

Work With Us To Fight Plastic Pollution! |
January 31, 2023

We’ve partnered with aquatic clean-up charity Seven Clean Seas to ensure every role filled by our recruitment team will remove 1 kilo of plastic from the planet’s open water.


With the government’s ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution firmly underway, companies across the country are doing their bit to get greener – and avoid the potentially hefty fines that can be given for breaching climate change guidelines.


Here at Dynamite, we’ve been busy looking for ways to make our business more sustainable for both ourselves and our clients – and we’re delighted to say we’ve now found the perfect partner to help us do exactly that.


Introducing Seven Clean Seas


Established in 2018, Seven Clean Seas was formed with the mission to remove every last gram of disposable plastic from the planet’s oceans and rivers.

Through a combination of collection crews, remote island infrastructure and innovative technology, they’ve already pulled over 500,000kgs of plastic pollution from the ocean.


However, with currently 11 million tons of plastic deposited into the ocean each year – and that amount predicted to rise to 29 million by 2040 – there’s an incredible amount of work to do on both clean-up and on a societal level.


Working together to fight plastic pollution


Image credit: BW LPG


Did you know that 70% of ocean plastic actually originates from rivers? It’s an incredible statistic that reveals just how deep the problem of plastic pollution goes in society the world over.


It’s an especially large issue in developing countries, where as many as 2 billion people lack access to something we take for granted here in the UK: simple waste management systems.


People in those countries collecting refuse for a living can earn as little as $1 (89p) to $8 (around £7), be exposed to unsafe working conditions, and often have no access to social security or healthcare – and aren’t protected by any labour laws.


This is clearly a far cry from our own employment system, and contributes enormously to the waste disposal issues Seven Clean Seas are working hard to address in a number of ways, including:

  • Ocean and river clean-up operations like Project Hippo (pictured above), a sustainable solar and wind-powered river plastic interception vessel capable of collecting up to 1,460,000kgs of waste plastic from some of the planet’s most polluted waterways
  • Waste consultancy work with international brands including the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for whom the charity’s work includes a plastic footprint analysis, reduction roadmapping and legacy policy work
  • Plastic offsetting services that enable businesses to offset their own unavoidable plastic wastage by purchasing Plastic Credits that go to funding Seven Clean Seas’ clean-up efforts – effectively allowing businesses to become plastic neutral.
  • Creative partnerships to raise awareness of ocean clean-up efforts by businesses linking their services to Seven Clean Seas’ work – which is exactly how we at Dynamite Recruitment are doing!


What this partnership could mean for your business